Free To Be Me Program

Rediscover the unique woman you were created to be before all the craziness of life set in.

Free To Be Me Program

Have you ever thought "I just want to be free to be me"?

Do you often feel overwhelmed at trying to be everything for everyone, and feel like somewhere along the line you have forgotten who you really are? That what you want doesn't even matter.

Do you battle with self-limiting beliefs like I'm not good enough, I should be a better wife or mother, is God disappointed with me? We could go on and on.

If you can identify with any of the above, then this program is for you. I would love to work with you so you can rediscover the woman you were uniquely created to be.

When you enrol in this program we will work on:

* Identifying and overcoming those self-limiting beliefs so that you can:

Have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God, without guilt or shame.

Learn to love and value yourself as an individual.

Embrace your role as wife and mother with confidence, the way God intended.

Discover your unique, God-given purpose and calling.

Create a purpose-driven plan to start living your unique calling.

Start taking courageous steps on your dreams and goals.

If you are ready to start living the life you were created to live instead of just existing, then I encourage you to enrol in this program. When you do, you will receive:

12 x One to one coaching sessions (online or over the phone for now).

Email access to me during the week.

3 x 15-minute check-in calls if needed.

Community membership and support.

Access to any training materials/templates/scripts etc.

1 x Free ticket to any virtual online event.

What's Next?

If you would like to work with me as your personal coach, you can schedule a complementary, 30 minute call to find out if this program would be a good match for you. Simply click on the link below and it will take you to my scheduling page.